It’s my little’ns 1st birthday very soon… With motivation partly fueled from my love of making stuff & the other being a money saving exercise I eagerly bought some tissue paper from Tesco! Yay! Lets make some home made birthday¬†decorations!!!!

A few google searches, snips, gluing and folding later and we have some decorations!

1. We have tissue paper

.Tissue paper

2. Abra codabra, we have Pom poms


3. and then we have stuff to hang up!Image

I’ve gone with a safari theme, so with a bit if tinkering on photoshop we have some basic cartoon like animals & a bit of inserting text & we have paperless invites!


Animal safari graphics

Oh & there’s more to come… Some bunting, loot bags, hanging decorations still to be made! Oh the joys :)

It’s been a while since I last made a card, but with a close friend getting pregnant & the lack of cards available on the market that congratulate both the mum & dad – I thought I’d give it a go! I managed to find some card (stored away for the past 8 yrs) and had a pen. Only trouble is its blue & I don’t know whether it’s a baby boy or girl. That wasnt going to dishearten me though!¬†

I sketched out an idea quickly & 20 minutes later, you have a card! I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed making cards! Although, with my maternity leave coming to an end soon, I don’t think I’ll be making many more. But all the same, here it is:


So here’s the sketch of my little boy finished. I could have done with spending a bit more time on it, but there was a bday deadline! Hubby liked it anyway!


With my hubby’s birthday approaching and with no money’s to my name, I’ve had to scrape the barrel and blow the cobwebs off my pencils. My hubby is going to have to settle with a ‘personalised’ ‘unique’ bla bla bla etc present. However, after 1 and a half hours of sketching, it’s not looking too bad. So here it is, the start of my masterpiece of our little boy. And below that, what it should be looking similar to….ImageImage

Ultimate baby giggle – from the most mundane thing… Funny stuff!

Home made decoration for christening: paper baby booties

Paper baby booties: Too much for a Christening?

Hubby thinks I have far too much time on my hands (which I do to a certain extent) as I’ve made these paper baby booties. Plan is to fill them with sweeties and have a pair on each of the tables at our sons christening. Love it when a plan comes together! Cheap as chips to make too!


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